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Dear playbackers,
Hope you all are doing well and are staying healthy and positive!
Thanks to all who have applied so far for the EPTG 2020!
Due to the situation with COVID-19 and still the quite obscure outlook how the world will function in six months from now, it is very likely that the Gathering in Sofia THIS SEPTEMBER will not take place in the format we planned it.
Thus, for the moment we have put on hold all processing of applications and preparation of the event until further notice. Meanwhile, together with the home group and workshop leaders we are adjusting to the new reality and are looking for alternative ways to get together with all of you online.
We are excited as there are a few fresh ideas on the table, so stay tuned and take care!
EPTG 2020 orga team


We cherish our ROOTS because they make us feel grounded, connected to our history and ancestors, to our cultural traditions and collective wisdom, to our land and place of belonging. We desire our WINGS to be big and wide open because they nourish our sense of freedom, our inner search for exploration, adventure and movement.
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