EPTG Sofia 2022 – Performing Companies

To be continued, (Wordt Vervolgd), Netherlands

This year is our 25th year of existence. Played for hundreds of companies and other communities. Performed and some of us teaching in Brazil, UK, France, Hungary, India, Nepal, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam. Organization of EPTG in Amsterdam in 2014. Working with pbt + workshops, creating new inventions, live life learning, having fun and keep sharing stories keeps us alive and kicking.







We are a group of theater actors and musicians with therapeutic and social training that has been performing together for 30 years. We share long professional experience and deep friendship, keeping artistic and humanistic values and ethics. We love Playback Theater; it is our mission, passion and work. You can meet at the gathering some of the original Group members, including Aviva Apel, Hillel Shimon, Nurit Shoshan, Shosha Kestenberg, Shirlee Legum and Roni Alperin. If you want to know more about PLAY-LIFE, COME AND TALK TO US!

Additional info:
Aviva Apel Rosenthal and a group of actors came together in Tel Aviv in 1991 and founded the first Playback Theater Company in Israel – Play-Life.
About our company: We are a professional theatre group improvising real life stories. We serve as an artistic interactive form to improve personal and social dialogue or to celebrate special events. Organizations and corporations hire us to open lines of communication, to help them adapt to change, to improve concerns and to create a sense of community.
Play-Life, performances take place in Tel Aviv (Simta Theater) and all around Israel. We perform in theaters, community centers, conferences, institutions, schools, hospitals, and corporations.
We work with survivors, bereaved families, prisoners, groups with special needs and post-traumatic stress, managers and staff members of corporations and military service, hospital teams, schools, banks, and government departments, including the Ministry of Defense, Education, Health, and Social Affairs.
We also perform at life celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or memorials, where we combine important family milestones with both meaning and entertainment.
We are a group of theater actors and musicians with therapeutic and social training that has been performing together for 30 years. We share long professional experience and deep friendship, keeping artistic and humanistic values and ethics. We love Playback Theater; it is our mission, passion and work.
You can meet at the gathering some of the original Group members, including Aviva Apel, Hillel Shimon, Nurit Shoshan, Shosha Kestenberg, Shirlee Legum and Roni Alperin. 





KaYak, Switzerland

KaYak is a new company, born 2019 in Newsealand 2020 during Covid. KaYak features one of the Dinosaurs of Payback- Theater, Karina Bettina Gisler, and the multitalented actor-musician Yakov Yakushevskyi from Donezk. Performances on zoom are now followed by live performances all over the world. KaYak combines Playback-Theater with clowning and thus can give a humorous flavor to the art of playing.





Vozdukh (Воздух), Germany, Ukraine, Russia, UK

Performances in more than 11 countries; – Grant project in NY state with Rosendale Theater; – European tour; – Collaborations with Jonathan Fox as a conductor (US and India); – Collaborations with artists and playbackers from different countries; – Performance on Moscow Academic Theater stage – Projects with NGO and social groups




Playback theater “Tell me“ (Разкажи ми), Bulgaria

“Tell me” begins official activity in the year of 2020 but the creative team forms and plays in the capital and different cities in Bulgaria ever since the beginning of its education from 2017 to 2020. Since the autumn of 2020 till now despite the complicated pandemic situation Playback theater “Tell me” delivers over 20 live performances. Among them are: monthly performances in the Cultural institute “Krasno selo” Sofia;performances at the festival “Wake up”;presentations of books and makings of art events to invitations by persons,organisations and educational institutions. Presenters of Playback theater “Tell me” take part in the online held European Playback Theater Gathering 2020 hosted in Bulgaria as well as the 2022 Bulgaria Playback theater festival “Infinite development”. The mission of Playback theater “Tell me” is to create atmosphere of mutual trust between people and to unite them based on the general human values and artistry.





Storycatchers (Ловци на истории), Bulgaria

The theater company „Storycatchers“ was established in 2018. In addition to Playback theater, the company also works in the field of contemporary dance, socially engaged creative and educational initiatives, trainings, seminars, forums, at the national and international level.

The founders are artists with many years of professional experience, former members and co- founders of the first professional playback theater troupe in Bulgaria („Here and Now”). The artists from „Storycatchers“ have been part of many international forums, workshops and trainings – both as participants and as trainers. They have over 200 playback performances in the country and abroad. Among their projects are: performances for refugees (in partnership with IOM, Association „Creators“, Goethe Institute), Playback seminar Karin Giesler, Switzerland and was supported by the NFC under the program „Mobility“. Among their most large-scale Playback projects are: „For Birds and People“ (social theater for cancer patients, their relatives and the medical professionals who care for them) and Turtle Island (social theater for people with mental disabilities and the elderly, accommodated in social homes and residences), financed by NFK, Program „Socially Engaged Arts“ (2020, 2021).

Among the main goals of „Storycatchers“ are: to create conditions for revealing and developing human potential by organizing cultural events, shows, trainings, performances, concerts, festivals and other creative and social initiatives; to work for increasing the emotional culture of children, youth and adults by involving them in various forms of creative activity; to support the development of local communities in Bulgaria and the provision of access to art for a wide range of people, including those in a disadvantaged position and at risk of social exclusion, etc. The main focus of the work in all projects is the high artistic content, the professional approach, the significant, current topics of the present day, social commitment and education.




Theatre X (Teater X), Sweden

Teater X has been in service of the Scandinavian society and the worldwide playback community since 1999, giving public performances and workshops for the development of communities, organisations and society at large. The group consists of 9 members who are trained actors/musicians as well as pedagogues, psychologists, therapists and consultants. Teater X is performing and giving workshops in Swedish, Norwegian and English. 







Playback Theatre Duo “Why Not?”, Bulgaria, Russia

We are Nella Chilachava and Vasil Spasov – partners in life and on stage. We developed our playback duo “Why Not” in Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria and online. On this performance we will switch roles in conducting and acting. We invite you to explore the topic of changing roles in your life. What does it bring you – joy, fear, challenge or something else?

Our special guest is Stanimira Teneva /AMIRA – a Bulgarian playback musician.

Cast bio:

Nella Chilachava – accredited playback trainer of CPT (New York). Founder of the international PT “The Others” (2014) with troupes in Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk) and Mexico. Psychologist and systemic constellations therapist.

Vasil Spasov – professional actor and theatre director. Past member of Bulgarian playback theatre “Here and Now” (2015-2020) and founder of playback theatre “Voices of Sofia” (2021)

Stanimira Teneva/ AMIRA – a Bulgarian singer and songwriter. She is part of musical trio “Sibilla Acoustic” and playback theatre “Voices of Sofia”.