1. Pontus Holmgren (Sweden) “Seriously Playful Conducting”

2. Joke Rood and Sanna Langeris (The Netherlands) “Childhood roots and wings of today dancing together”

3. Shirly Legum (Israel) “RESPONSE/ABILITY – Together We Can” 

4. Roni Alperin (USA) “Roots of resilience”

5. Nella Chilachava (Russia/Georgia/Bulgaria) “The strength and shadow of the team”

6. Aviva Apel-Rosenthal (Israel) “Shamanic acting and Conducting”

7. Anastasia Vorobyova (Russia) “Moving on over the troubled water”


Joke Rood and Sanna Langeris

(The Netherlands)

Home group theme:

“It takes two to tango! Roots and wings dancing together!” – In this home group the focus will be on everybody’s childhood roots and what they mean for your wings of today. We ask you to bring a photo of yourself as a child between the age of 4 and 14 years old. In different sessions we share childhood and wings stories. We work with them and of course play them back. Besides that, we’ll reflect on everyday feelings and thoughts in the gathering. Let the roots and wings speak to you from different perspectives…..and dance!


About Joke – Born in the Netherlands in 1956, graduated in 1978 as social worker, in 1989 as first grade drama teacher in Amsterdam, in 2011 as leader at playback leadership in New York and in 2015 as accredited teacher at www.playbackcentre.org. Co-founder of www.wordtvervolgd.net in 1997, former board member of IPTN. Organizer of the European Playback Theatre Gathering in 2014 (www.eptg.eu). Worked as teacher, manager in arts education, trainer and entrepreneur. Currently living in Spain. Led playback trainings in Holland, India, Finland, Nepal, Germany Ukraine and Belgium. Speaks Dutch, English and a little German, Spanish and French.

About Sanna – Born in the Netherlands in 1981, graduated in 2006 in Bachelor of Theatre in Theatre and Education in Utrecht. She worked as a drama teacher and performed on national and international stages with her own theater company as a theater maker and actress. Early on after graduating, she came across playback theater that she was immediately captivated by. In 2017, after a drastic event in her life, she began to delve into storytelling and the scientific and neurological side of body language. This is how the power of personal stories came together in what she loves most. Bringing stories to expression as an actress and as a storyteller and trainer.

Pontus Holmgren


Home group theme:

“Seriously Playful Conducting” – Welcome to this workshop if you are curious to explore different dimensions of conduction. Like, how do we calm our nervous system to be fully present. How can we be both serious and playful or structured and flowing at the same time. How do we get out of our own way so we can be fully there for ourselves, the audience, the troupe and the transformative power of stories. We will experiment and prototype ways of taking our conducting skills to the next level, whatever our previous experience. We will do playback, share, practice together and have fun. You are welcome to this home group to if you have some (doesn’t have to be a lot) of experience of conducting and you want to be in a peer supporting context with people like yourself.


Pontus Grace is an actor, conductor and an accredited trainer in the tradition of Playback Theatre. He is trained in Rada, at the Centre for Playback Theatre in New York and many other places. He is currently a member of two companies in Stockholm, Theater X and an English speaking company called Tellus. He is also an Urban Tantra practitioner, a change facilitator, and a licenced psychologist. 



Aviva Apel-Rosenthal


Home group theme:

“SHAMANIC ACTING AND COUNDUCTING “ – In this workshop we shall seek and explore the components of the Shamanic Actor and Conductor. What is that intuitive understanding of what is necessary and effective for the teller and the audience in order to connect to the deep and hidden parts of the story? What artistic tools and metaphors and what kind of emotional energy we need to provide an experience of revelation and transformation. We shall play, act, move, sing and share our collective wisdom of our life and PB experience.


Aviva Apel-Rosenthal, a professional theater actor and director, founder and artistic director of PLAY-LIFE PBT in Tel Aviv since 1991.
Nearly 30 years, she is teaching and training playback all over the world. She was IPTN President (2006 – 2011), and senior teacher of CPT faculty – Leadership level since 2012.
Aviva is an Accredited Playback Theatre Trainer, founders, director and teacher of the IL PBT School (affiliated with CPT) She has a BA in Theatre Studies, an MA in Women and Arts Studies, and a Diploma in Integrative Arts Therapy and group facilitation.
Aviva is a full time Playback Theatre practitioner, expert for developing artistic skills for performances and social PB events.



Shirly Legum


Home group theme:

“RESPONSE/ABILITY – Together We Can” – In this home group we will focus on navigating playback theater skills and movement with our needs to express our humanity and social values. We will have time to process  our impressions, thoughts and feelings that come up during the gathering and learn theater through it. We will act, self explore, relate with each other, dance and have fun. We are facing  important challenging times. Together,  we will practice our abilities to respond and act responsible.


Shirley Legum from Israel. An actress, coductor and trainer in playback theater. Established and still leading 3 playback groups. She is also a member of “Playlife”. Teaches workshops around the world. An individual, couple and group therapist. A professional actress. Established a forum of supervision for playback leaders in Israel and international. Specializes in trauma, relationships and authentic acting utilizing movement as well as group awareness and processes.

Anastasia Vorobyova


Home group theme:

“Moving on over the troubled water” – The world is getting upside down, we are getting too. How we can move on? What would help us? What about our hearts? Let’s get together the creative mind of centuries and performative approach. On this home group we will experiment working with touching the bottom of sincere emotions and transform it into artistic performative aesthetics. We will work with embodiment and artistry, space and time, contemporary art and shaman inspired practices. We will laugh and cry, grieve and restore our hopes, get together as community and simply use its power.


Anastasia Vorobyeva is a performance artist and social activist for human rights. She is the co-founder of VOZDUKH Center of Physical Theatre.

Anastasia is President of International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN). She has created multiple social theatre projects in contemporary and playback theatre settings around the world including the US, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Lebanon, South Africa and throughout Europe. Her projects often address trauma and the social dimension through theatre and art therapy.

Working closely with the United Nations Program Department as a designer of psycho-social support programs in Syria and Lebanon, Anastasia has built long term art and movement projects in marginalised communities, refugee camps and war-torn areas.

Roni Alperin 


Home group theme:

“Roots of resilience” – In this home group you will find a place to recharge , resource and reset while practicing. Deepening your internal roots and connecting with others. We will focus on building our strengths and self compassion while sharing stories that are rooted in resiliency.



Roni Alperin, LMFT, RDT/BCT is a psychotherapist and drama therapist in private practice in the Bay Area, CA. He is an Adjunct Professor at the CIIS Drama Therapy program. He is the founder and director of the San Francisco Playback Theatre Company, a theater company that invites audience members to share real life stories that they then bring to life using improvisation, movement, spoken word, ritual and music. Roni leads Playback Theater training, performances and therapy groups with a focus on treating PTSD and personal and collective trauma.


Nella Chilachava


Home group theme:

“The strength and shadow of the team” – Like a big iceberg in a playback theatre, we have a visible part (performances) and an invisible part (the life of the team). In the group, we will explore how these two parts affect each other and what are the principles of good communication applicable to both. We will focus on the following aspects:

– performance as a mirror of life of the playback theatre team;
– how to transform energy together on stage and inside the team;
– ways of perceiving the team as a single organism;
– taking responsibility and changing roles;
– partners support and awareness of your own boundaries;
– main strategies of interaction with a partner;
– providing space for everyone;
– strengths and shadows of the team.

And the most important question is how to build a story together? While working in group, there will be an opportunity to share personal stories from playback theatre’s life and relive them through playback on stage to see new resources and solutions.


Psychologist and systemic constellations therapist, certified trainer of different types of meditation, coach of psychotherapeutic groups (since 2008). Accredited playback trainer of CPT (New York). Founder, director, conductor, actress of the international PT “The Others”,  troupes are represented in Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk), Turkey, Mexico and in the process of formation in Bulgaria. The theatre began its development in 2013, the official opening took place in 2014. Currently, the number of the team is more than thirty people.

• Founder, supervisor, one of the leading trainers of the international playback theatre school “The Others” in cooperation with the playback School of Israel under the leadership of Aviva Apel-Rosenthal (affiliated school of CPT, New York).
• Co-founder, actress and conductor of the international project “World Playback Theatre” (2020) – performances created in an online space for people from all over the world.
• Co-founder of the international project “Cinematic playback” (USA, England, Bulgaria, Russia).
• In collaboration with partner Vasil Spasov (Bulgaria) created the playback duo “Why not…?”
• Certified guide of the Listening Hour (the international project of Jonathan Fox  (USA, New York).