Dimitri Begiouglu


Workshop:  “Damn it’s theatre!”

Playback Theatre is a form of theatre, not a psychotherapy session… So, we have to be actors and actresses on stage before anything else.

Let’s seek together on this workshop, how much Theatre is hiding out of a PT performance… Let’s laugh and put right and real acting on stage!


Dimitris Begioglou is a philologist (University of Athens, Greece), group psychotherapist (University Paris 8, France), actor, composer and singer.

Member of Playback Psi company in Athens (founded in 2004),Co – Director of the Greek School of Playback Theatre, he is passionately involved in various scientific and artistic projects in Greece and abroad.

Focusing on peace, working with collective trauma in several countries, and spreading LGBTQI visibility around the world , he propose a specific PT acting work, through deep spiritual awakening. He teaches in Greek, English and French.