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Selection Process for EPTG 2020 Workshop Leaders is Completed

We are really impressed by all applications for our EPTG 2020 OPEN CALL for WORKSHOPS. The interest was amazing as we received proposals not only from European countries, but also from Asia and North America.

Forms had been processed and we already sent mails to all who had applied with news and details. So, if you are one of the applicants, please make sure you check your inbox folders.

EPTG 2020 early bird registration opens on Feb 15th. In the next few days we will post more info regarding the fees and application process.

Check our website or FB page for updates.

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EPTG 2020 news!

With great excitement we officially announce that Jonathan Fox will be an Honorary Guest at EPTG 2020 in September in Sofia and together with Kayo Munakata will take the stage as keynote speakers at the Conference.

Both Jonathan and Kayo will share interesting insights and perspectives from their abundant experience on the conference topic “Building Positive Culture and Good Organization in Playback Theatre Societies”.

More news to come soon!

EPTG 2020 early bird application starts Feb 15th!

Photo credit: School of Playback Theatre Japan