EPTG Sofia 2022 “Roots and wings” live in Sofia is part of an old tradition in the Playback Theatre world. The first EPTG is in France in 2005 and the last one took place in Hungary in 2017.


It has been decided then, that Playback Theatre “Here and Now” from Bulgaria will be the next host of the event.

It was in 2017 when we started to organize the next EPTG. Since then, many people have been contributing, different people have been supporting the process, some of them left, others stayed, new ones joined.

Then, all of us, worldwide, went through Covid times and, as a result for us, we had to “put on hold” the whole event. Just when the registration for the EPTG 2020 has started, the program was ready, all contracts has been signed and all the venues and the team were perfectly ready. Also, at that time, both Jonathan Fox and Kayo Munakata (Japan) have confirmed their live presence at the event.

We excepted and adapted to the situation.

It was in 2020 when we organized the first European Playback Theatre Gathering ONLINE “Roots of Change” with 30 workshops and 20 performances per day. About 200 people from all over the world came together online from the 5th to the 7th September 2020 to continue the tradition and to support each other in difficult times.

In 2021 we organized pre-EPTG Online Conference “Fuzzy meaning and helicopter rides: personal story, identity and community well-being in Playback Theatre” with the co-founder Jonathan Fox.

So many things have changed since 2017, but one thing remained unchanged – the constant devotion and determination of one person for this event to happen. Supported by many people from Bulgaria and around the world, Tzveta Baliyska, director of EPTG 2020/22 didn’t quit and now we are really happy to share with all of you the happy end of this long journey.

Welcome to EPTG Sofia 2022!

TEAM EPTG Sofia 2022

Tzveta Baliyska – Executive and Program director, Team Leader

Tzvetina Matova – Venues, Halls and Accommodation Manager

Maria Matracheeska – Program and Registration Manager

Plamen Petkov – Location Manager and Technical Support

Zvezdomira Georgieva – Performing Companies Coordinator


Konstantin Kuchev – Music & Sound Coordinator


Silvia Kotseva – Administrative and Crisis Manager


Stefka Dimitrova – Location manager

Lino-Velin Baliyski – Videography and Post-production


Georgi Sirkatov – Photographer

Lilia Samokovska – Graphic Designer

Location Coordinators:

Eleonora Nikolova


Gergana Ruskova

Gerogi Sirkatov

Boriana Nikolaeva

Lidia Kulekova


Sofia Bolashukova

Emona Sokolova


Rayana Mihailova

Stoyan Kostadinov


Mina Vaneva