The program is rich, diverse,  exciting and offers the chance to choose between 30 workshops during the day and 20 performances in the evening.


There are 30 workshop topics in total during the event.

All 30 workshops run simultaneously in every time slot.

All 30 workshop topics are repeated in each of the three workshop slots.

Each workshop topic is presented by either 1 leader or a team of leaders.


The number of participants in 1 workshop in 1 time slot is up to 15 people max. When this limit is reached, the workshop in this specific time slot will be closed for further registrations.

Every participant can join:

  • 3 workshops (1 workshop in each workshop slot) and a circle of sharing session – a session for evaluation and reflection on the pre-ETPG experience as a whole.

Detailed description of all workshop topics and presentation of leaders can be found HERE




Due to COVID-19 pandemic, EPTG 2020 in Sofia is postponed for Autumn 2021.

As Autumn 2021 is far ahead in time, we do believe we have to embrace new ways of being connected, keeping the spirit and nourishing our need to share and grow as human beings and as playbackers.

Pre-EPTG online event is an alternative and a way to go beyond the limitations and consequence from the pandemic!  This is why the theme is ROOTS of CHANGE!

The event will be entirely virtual. All workshops and performances will be hosted in ZOOM during the first weekend of September, 05 and 06 September 2020.

The event can host up to 450 people.

The deadline for registering is Aug 31st. 2020. 



There are 20 performances in total distributed in the two event evenings  All 10 performances per evening will run simultaneously from 19:00 -20:30 CET.

The performances are open only for registered participants.

The audience per performance is up to 50 people max. When this limit is reached, the performance will be closed for further registration.

Detailed description of all performances can be found HERE



PLAYBACK JAM by Nella Chilachava and Vasil Spasov

“Playback Jam” is an optional activity which will happen in the afternoon break for the most enthusiastic and passionate practitioners.  It is a place where playbackers will meet, rehearse and perform in any role they want with people they don’t know, sharing practice and stories.

The number of participants is limited to 40 people. When this limit is reached, the Playback Jam will be closed for further registrations.

Playback jam