Workshop Leader

Hila Haba -Ashkenazy – facilitator, lecturer, actress for more than a decade. Founder and the Artistic Director of a ” Coffee-Nana” company. Teaches PT in educational systems in private groups and in the past in academia. Pedagogical coordinator for early childhood physical theater programs (according to Jacques Lecoq’s approach). Study Drama therapy. Since 2015 Hila facilitated bilingual a bilingual workshop in co with an Arab woman-

Amani Musa, a Drama therapist an PT actor. Hila Conducts playback workshops in Israel and overseas conferences.

Workshop Description

To fly with the Imagination – The essence of movement and play of PT actors

This year, I chose to return to the human base and connect with the initial – body. We strive to connect the body to a conscious work of action to perfect the toolbox of the playback actor’s work. The essence of the player movement includes movement, sound and imagination connected to action in space. Michael Chekhov had different ideas for exercises that would allow the player to break beyond his habits and think and have a “birth” process of new characters – which has characteristics, gestures and other centers of gravity in the body. In the workshop, I offer some exercises from a variety of Chekhov’s exercises and Mindfulness Awareness Exercise so that the actor brings a more conscious stage action. The gain is the accuracy of the actor’s acting presence on stage and also the testimony of that presence by the audience and narrator. The purpose of the workshop is: to “fly” and expand each player’s inner movement language and realize this ability on stage. In this way, we believe that the stage becomes more authentic. This workshop is for everyone No prior knowledge is required.