Workshop Leader

Shirley Legum, Israel

I am Shirley Legum, an actress, conductor, leader and accredited trainer of Playback for 17 years. I am working locally in Israel and all over the world. I am an individual and group therapist and run a private practice and theatre studio in Israel.


Nurit Shoshan from Israel

A full time PT practitioner since 1991, teaches and conducting and teaching workshops and performances for artistic, therapeutic and business oriented organizations, with Play-Life PT Company.  Founder and Artistic Director of ‘Creative Space’- PT Company. Conducting groups and performances dealing with crises and trauma for about 20 years. a group therapists, part of the Natal organization team to assist and reduce the effects of PTSD and to increase resilience for school student and adults. 

Workshop Description


In playback theatre at the begining of the performance, we actores tell our personal story, to share who we are, to build trust and to creat an atmpsphere of story language. In this worshop we will learn how to tell our story in a dramatic method using authentic acting skills, working on our presence and the heart of story- using just the amount of words needed.

Its a good opportunity to work on it in the zoom , so lets hear our own stories.