Workshop Leader

Team leader:

Olena Kalashnykova /UKRAINE/

My name is Elena and I am from Ukraine. I am an accredited trainer of the playback theater, actress and conductor of the playback theaters: “Living Mirror” and “Vakhters”, head of the playback theater “Vakhters”, leading a training course in playback theater. I have 10 years of practice in social art and psychology and 5 years of work in a playback theater.



Team members: actors in playback theater “Vakhters”

Alisa Volkova, 

Anna Serhiienko

Abelyashew Ilya

Workshop Description

Support a Supporter


In the situation of coronavirus, quarantine and isolation, cultural workers (playbackers) faced a partial or complete cessation of their activities. At the same time, playbackers started working online to support people who were locked in 4 walls and isolated from the tribe.  For the Ukrainian playback community, this turned out to be an energy-intensive process and we had to find ways to support others and ourselves in order to support a wider audience. How to support ourselves and find energy to support the tribe – we will explore in our classes.