Workshop Leader

 Tzveta Baliyska is an actress, theatre director, drama teacher, founder and artistic director of Playback Theatre “Here and Now” (Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2013). She is the only Accredited PT Trainer in Bulgaria (Center for Playback Theatre, 2018). Tzveta is the engine of Bulgarian Playback Theatre Society, she teaches all around Bulgaria and spreads Playback Theatre in the region, organizing local Gatherings. She is the director of European Playback Theatre Gathering 2021 (EPTG) and of pre- EPTG online event 2020.  
My name is Karin Gisler, accredited PT trainer.I discovered Playback Theater in 1990, and it became my professional work. I also teach PT for many years and in up to 20 countries. I am still fascinated by PT. I still love to act, to conduct and to teach.:  

I am Kosyo Kuchev – a musician and composer in various artistic projects such as Balkan Khans, Ivo Dimchev live band, Music Laboratory of Yordan Kamdzhalov, Windoo, Playback theatre “Here and Now” and “Storycatchers”, the improvised musical of theatre “HaHaHa”. I am leading creative music workshops for children and adults.     

Tsvetina Matova graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts with a degree in Dance Theater in 2013 when she was introduced to Playback Theater. She recognizes empathy and body language as basic lines of development, and movement as a way of expressing oneself and an alternative way to communicate with others. She participates in performances, projects and tours of Playback Theatre “Here and Now” throughout Bulgaria, and since 2017 she is a Playback Theater “Here and Now” trainer.     

Workshop Description

Skills for changing atmosphere as roots for good PT experience

Atmosphere is crucial element of Narrative Reticulation (Jonathan Fox’s last theory about Playback Theatre). Conductor is not the only one who can create and change it. In the hands of all people on stage is the skill to move atmosphere and even to change it dramatically when needed. Without skills for changing the atmosphere we can often fell trapped. We can do many things and in this workshop we will give you tools but most important- way of thinking and understanding the way it works.