Workshop Leader

Dr. Lambros Yotis, Ph.D., accredited playback theatre leader and trainer, psychiatrist, dramatherapist and stage director, leader of Playback Psi Theatre company, Athens, Greece



Catherine Webster, playback theatre practitioner, theatre and drama actor and teacher

Workshop Description

In Playback theatre every story has an obvious, articulated side, the one told by the teller during a performance, the one the audience and the performers listen to and evokes their imagination. There is often an undisclosed part, which is hidden or untold by the teller. This part can be conscious or not, it can be vague enough or unexplored even by the tellers themselves. However, there are signs that it is there, verbal as well as non-verbal ones. How do we present on stage such stories? This workshop will explore the shadow and light of the stories the participants will share and propose playback forms for their representation. The role of the shadow can shine. And the roots of the story, unveiled, can bring new insight to all participants. For the online workshop please have a source of light near you (i.e.lamp/torch/candle). This workshop is useful for experienced playbackers.