Workshop Leader

Synne and Jan Platander, Norway


We are Synne and Jan Platander. We have been working together with Playback Theatre since we met in 1995. We founded Teater X in Stockholm 20 years ago, and are running Skandinavisk Playbackteater Studio, now based in Oslo, Norway. We both are accredited trainers. Together we create a playful, safe and rich space where creativity can flourish and people connect. 


Workshop Description


A few well-chosen words spoken at the right moment, together with authentic movements and music that hold the space, can be truly powerful and touch the tellers and audiences heart really deeply. This is a zoom adapted version of our upcoming workshop Poetry in Motion. The zoom workshop will give a taste of how we can explore and play with poetic language and metaphors in playback to reflect personal stories in a simplified, yet enlarged way. We will do exercises that aim to stimulate our “poetic muscles” in a playful way, and we will practice the principle of Less is More.


The playback form “the poet, the dancer and the musician” is used as an inspirational framework for this workshop; A truly versatile form refining the creative collaboration between music, movement and poetic language on stage.