Workshop Leader

Igor Liubitov, Russia


I am Igor, a psychologist, psychodrama & family therapist. I started doing Playback in 2005 and it has been an absolutely thrilling journey so far. I am an Accredited CTP trainer since 2014 and IPTN practitioner member since 2006. I work as an artistic director for Playback Theater studio “Bolshoi Theatrick” and Playback Theater project “Rostki”. As a cofounder, member of the board, playback teacher of Russian Playback Theatre School, I teach and support Playback in Russia and other countries for the last 11 years. My special interests are: ethno-cultural aspects, the cultural backgrounds, myths and archetypes in PT performance and the dramaturgy of playback performance.


Workshop Description

My dear favorite cliché

Cliché, unspontaneous reactions on stage (and in life in general) once upon a time have been quite fluid and have had their roots in the spontaneity. Vice versa, any cliché can became a base for a new spontaneous decision or action on stage.