Workshop Leader

Henk Goebel, Actor, Trauma pedagogue (DeGPT), Education in drama therapy (DGfT), Co-Founder Spiegelneuronen- Playbacktheater in Berlin

Jutta Heppekausen, PT-Trainer (APTT), Counsellor (DGSv) , Psychodramaleader (DPF), Founder of Blickwechsel – Playbacktheater Freiburg, living and playing in Potsdam/Berlin Germany

Katharina Witte, Counseler, Psychodramaleader, Leader of Playbacktheatre Bremen, Germany

Mareike Sürder, teacher, leader of Blickwechsel – Playbacktheater Freiburg, living and playing next to Freiburg, Germany


Workshop Description

What happens between people when they do not touch each other? What happens when there is social distance, what happens when there is separation, what happens when there is separation or segregation? What happens when playing with distance?

Keeping distance can be a goal, such as when setting healthy boundaries in a helping profession or providing a safe space for someone who has been discriminated against or oppressed. But it can also entail unwanted separation and create suffering in times of crisis such as Corona. In this workshop we would like to play with distance through the simultaneous distancing and at connecting medium of the internet. This way we can recall our own experiences from our everyday life and share them as stories.