Workshop Leader

Bat Shachar Weinfeld /Israel/

playback theatre conductor of two groups in Israel and an actor in another playback group. a yoga laughter teacher. M.Sc in neurobiology and a teaching certificate.


Team members:

Orly Dado Lavie

Shosha Kestenberg  Rosen

Eimanuel Zeviely

Workshop Description

The Corona days challenge us, require us to be flexible to the reality of uncertainty and to adapt ourselves to an elusive and ever-changing virus and conditions, without losing ourselves and our roots.


The improvisation stage also calls us to keep our roots in keeping the laws of listening to ourselves and to the partner, to keep the timing and pace and at the same time to fly at every changing moment, to grasp the uncertainty with flexibility, sensitivity and attention.


In the workshop we will move between the unknown and the known, between the laws and the flexibility.


We will learn many fun and exciting Improv warm-ups and games that are suitable for zoom.