Workshop Leader

Olga Sanachina

 Accredited trainer of Playback theater, co-founder of the project “Vozdukh Center” Co-founder one of the first playback theater in Russia – «New Jazz» Free artist and performer, director of different projects in modern, non-classical, movement theatre. Studied at the Marian Abramovich Institute and School of performance in Moscow PYRFYR, graduated in a course of Philosophy of Art. Conducted workshops on playback theatre and a long training program in Russian, Europe, Canada, US and others.


Anastasia Vorobyeva is a performance artist and social activist for human rights. She is the co-founder of VOZDUKH Center (theater project which contains it’s own method of movement and immersive theater), she is a certified Playback Theatre trainer from the Centre of Playback Theatre (NY) and a Vice President of International Playback Theater Network (IPTN)

Vorobyeva has created multiple social theatre projects in contemporary and playback theatre around the world including the UK, Bangladesh, Middle East and Nigeria and throughout Europe as well as projects addressing trauma through theatre and art therapy.

Workshop Description

Where does inspiration to create embodied art comes from?

The body is a powerful tool for storytelling and, partnered with imagination, can enrich an artist’s development through embodied practice.

This course is designed to bring deeper understanding and practice of physical embodiment in playback theatre.

Playback theatre is a physical theatre form integrating sound, movement, music, and spoken word.


– We will guide participants in exploring the role of the physical body in playback theatre;

– We will learn how to catch the essence of the story and transmit it through the movement;

– We will try to translate metaphors into the body;

– We will create friendship with movement for transformation feelings in important moments.