Workshop Leader

Roman Kandybur, Ukraine

I am a Certified Playback Theater Trainer (CPT), the head of the Dnipro Playback Theater “Neighbors”,
Head of the Board of the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater and a member of IPTN.

My background is business training, psychotherapy, anthropology, archaic practices, performance and actionism, organization of events and festivals. My interests are in anthropology, comparative mythology, theoretical concepts of playback theater, street performance, civic activism, shamanistic techniques


Workshop Description

Archaic and shamanistic practices for playback practitioners. How to use ancient techniques to develop Force an Wisdom in times of challenges and uncertainty.

In prehistoric times, people faced similar challenges that we now face. And unlike modern people, obscurity has been part of everyday life for thousands of years. The oral tradition (one of the origins of the playback theater) is one way to cope with such challenges.

But there are other practices that have come down to us. These practices allow you to develop awareness, presence, strength and sustainability. Learn to make choices in the face of uncertainty. These are shamanistic practices, practices related to breathing and bodily freedom, practices associated with an altered state of consciousness.

These techniques are not part of religious cults, as they arose long before the advent of religions.

During the master class, I will give a small lecture and then we will try a few practices. And exchange feedback.