I am Ana Fernández Espinosa, co-director of the Iberian School of Playback Theater- Psychotherapist and Psychodramatist - Trainer of the School of Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Applied Theater "Impromptu" - Passionate about the connection produced by the playback theater WORKSHOP TOPIC: "Viewpoints" in the development of the basic skills of the playback performer. I propose this workshop based on the "Viewpoints" (created by Mary Overlie), a useful philosophy for dance and theater. It is about developing awareness for creation and artistic composition. This methodology is based on the scenic movement that is generated from the creative collaboration in the group of performers. This will pay attention to each of its basic elements: space, form, time, emotion, movement and story. We want to promote intuitive thinking, presence, and listening to oneself and that of others. Then the improvisation will be based on these pillars, making the playbacker more present in this space and in this unique moment.

The workshop will be in Spanish, with English translation.