Yours Truly Theatre - India
"Ness" - An exploration of our true essence through discovery of our roots and beginnings. http://www.yourstruly-theatre.com/

Wordt Vervolgd - The Netherlands
"Encountering in many ways" https://wordtvervolgd.net

World Playback Theatre - Members from all over the world - PT Leadership class 2019
"Rooted in our Stories" - Playback Theatre, however and wherever it is practiced, responds artistically to the stories in the "room". What stories do you have of playing back stories? How has doing PT impacted you? PT Leadership class 2019

Marot - Israel
"A Fountain of Colors" https://www.facebook.com/MarotPlaybackTheater

International playback team - USA, UK, Russia, Israel
"Repotting your roots" - Sometimes a plant grows beyond its container and needs to find a new place to extend its roots. In this performance we will share stories of the times we became too big to continue growing where we were, and name how we manage to replant ourselves in more fertile soil to continue reaching for the sun.

Playback Theatre "Here and Now" - Bulgaria
"Less is more" - So many things we don’t really need- things, thoughts, relationships, habits, feelings. Covid 19 helped us to see where we are and what is more or less in our lives. When we free ourselves from unnecessary we gain unbelievable power to create the life we really want. - https://www.facebook.com/pg/PlaybackTheatreHereandNow/

Zoom-in Playback - UK
Re - rooting/ Re-routing for such a time as this: Our group was rooted following a training which took place in the UK just before Covid-19. We connect through our love of Playback yet also as visitors to the UK from other homelands. Having met each other at a training weekend, one of the group had a dream of the UK being folded in half so we could all meet together despite being scattered across the country. That seed germinated into a reality during lockdown and we now meet for Playback regularly via Zoom. How have you been re-rooting during the pandemic? What has germinated for you during this time? Is it what you had hoped for or hadn't expected? How has this time encouraged or forced you to re-route? Come share your stories of re-rooting and re-routing.

Red Thread Playback Theatre - US
"Finding our way in times of uncertainty" - In what ways have these times, shown you how resilient you are? Who or what has been a guiding light for you in the darkness? What have you discovered on this frustrating and exquisite journey? Come tell your story. All true stories are welcome. Don’t feel like telling a story? No problem—sit back, relax and watch other people’s stories as they magically transform from the teller to the “stage”. (or the Zoom boxes!) https://www.redthreadplayback.com/

Iberian School of Playback Theatre - Spain and Portugal
"Wings or roots for change?" - Personal attitudes of living with wings, seeking new horizons and pursuing distant dreams, or experiences of living with great roots, with stability and permanence. What inspires your life the most? We invite you to share our stories, on the stage of the playback theater. Are you coming? https://iberiaplayback.wixsite.com/school

Playback #01- Russia
"Rolling stone: wings of freedom or absence of roots?" - Do you belong somewhere to some place or are you independent? Can we really be independent from our own roots and are we free to choose the way we want to live? Does freedom come at the price of destruction the old ways? How does it feel to have no home anywhere? What is your story? https://playback01.com/

Playlife PBT Company - Israel
"On the Edge" www,playback1.co.il https://www.facebook.com/playback.playlife/

First Drop Theatre - India
"Winds of Change" - The new and the old in us, The resistant and the resilient in us, The traditional and the digital in us, The inclusive and the exclusive in us, Where are we in these winds of change? Let us share our stories of how the winds of change has impacted us! https://firstdroptheatre.com/

Black Box Mexico - Mexico
“A play about playing: diving into our childhood memories” - Dear Tellers, won’t you come out to play? The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s virtual, and that is true. Dear Tellers, won’t you come out to Tell?

El Ensamble Teatro Playback Barcelona - España
"Hope" www.elensambleplayback

Playback for Playbackers - USA/India/Malasia/Europe/Senegal
"Blooming in Adversity" - Finding our strength and connection in the upheaval of Covid … or not?

True Heart Theatre - UK
"Stories of beginnings, endings and in between"- We want to acknowledge that stories are held in the individuals and as a group collectively. We want to acknowledge the seeds of our origins from our personal and collective identity, we want to root deep in the nourishing ground of playback theatre, we want to stretch out our branches for connections and support, we want to prepare ourselves for these moments of growth, regeneration and the cycle of change. Come and tell your stories of beginnings, endings and the stories of the in between. All are welcomed. True Heart Theatre - United Kingdom http://trueheart.org.uk/

International Mix - Bulgaria/Russia/Greece/Israel/UK
Celebrating collaboration, five playbackers from different countries want to hear and enact your stories from the world. Let’s breathe together for a moment... Conductor: Dimitri Begioglou (Greece) Musician: Steve Nash (UK) Actors: Inbar Netz (Israel), Nella Chilachava (Russia), Vasil Spasov (Bulgaria)

New Jazz - Russia

Anatolia Playback Theatre - Turkey
"Traces of Change" - Synopsis of Performance: "The only thing that does not change is change itself." We follow in the footsteps of some people such as our friend, mother, father, teacher or neighbor... They inspire us. Some events change us such as falling in love, getting married, having children, divorce, losing a loved one or a virus. What kind of trace did "change" leave on you? Tell and let's watch! Turkey https://www.facebook.com/anatoliaplaybacktheatre/

Crossroads playback ensemble - Israel
Two roads diverged in a wood, and l, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference (by Robert Frost) All of us came across with different meaningful crossroads in love, in family, in work and many other circles in our life. Which path did we take and what influence it had? Come share with us your story