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Dr Aniko Kaposvari


Dr Aniko Kaposvari, Austria


I love, learn, teach playback for more than 25 years. I am a co-founder of Adhoc Theater in Vienna,

I am a teacher of the Central European Playback Theater School. I was a Board member of IPTN for over 6 years. Apart from that, I work as a mediator and trainer on conflict management.




“Playing conflict stories”


In many stories there is a conflict and tension. How to put its dynamic, muster on stage? How to make it visible with our body?

How to avoid bad – good clichés, show levels of complex stories and its actors. I combine in this workshop my experience as a mediator with my experience as a playback actor and conductor.

Welcome to exchange, reflect, play together.

We cherish our ROOTS because they make us feel grounded, connected to our history and ancestors, to our cultural traditions and collective wisdom, to our land and place of belonging. We desire our WINGS to be big and wide open because they nourish our sense of freedom, our inner search for exploration, adventure and movement.
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