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My name is Bat Shachar Weinfeld. I am a playback theatre conductor of two groups in Israel and an actor in another playback group. I am a yoga laughter teacher. I have a M.Sc in neurobiology and a teaching certificate. I lead workshops in playback conferences in Israel




“Improvisation Games”

We often use improvisation games as warm-ups and icebreakers, that are meant to get everybody in a cheerful mood and establish trust between players. We use them to make sure everybody knows each other’s name and are acquainted. We use them to teach players to rely on each other and sharpen their concentration. And we use them to help players work together as a group, to improve group dynamics and team-building. The best thing about them is that they make us laugh and feel free and at ease.

Improv warm-ups and games are useful in any drama and theater education environment or in any environment where ice needs to be broken. They can be used for both improv and playback training; at the start of a rehearsal, or as part of preparing for a show. We often use them early on in a series of workshops and then tend to forget about them – but giving them a more prominent place in our rehearsal and teaching routine, even with a well-established group, has wonderful and surprising results.

In this workshop we will learn many fun and exciting Improv warm-ups and games that are suitable for different needs and settings.

We cherish our ROOTS because they make us feel grounded, connected to our history and ancestors, to our cultural traditions and collective wisdom, to our land and place of belonging. We desire our WINGS to be big and wide open because they nourish our sense of freedom, our inner search for exploration, adventure and movement.
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